Writing, Not Writing

The writing isn’t going very well. While the music of the first two songs have been flowing from my head into my iPad “stream of consciousness” style, the lyrics are just not coming. I’m thinking of starting a look-up for band members. There are several social networks I could use for that. Once I actualy have a band we could start working together both on music and lyrics. Guess I’m a little tired of working alone on everything. It’s time for some group action

Going to post the instrumental versions of the first two songs during the weekend.

Night GuyDownload: Caribou – A 100 word story by Guy David

The last of the Porcupine Caribou waded through the snow. The hunter pushed on, already thinking about the money this stuffed animal would bring him. He could see it in the distance, a brownish white spot on the spot white snow. He just had to get closer, within shooting range. He moved stealthily and quietly until he could almost smell the prey. Suddenly, the reindeer looked up, his eyes intelligent and sad. A shot was heard and the hunter fell dead to the snow. The protector smiled, walked to his beloved pet and gave it a rubbing behind the ear.

Originally published on the 100 Word Stories podcast.

Progress Report

Finished, more or less, an instrumental version of the first two Army of the Faceless tracks. Going to work on the lyrics tomorrow. I like the way this is going.

Night GuyDownload: The Birds – A 100 word story by Guy David

At first, Hitchcock thought about using flies. He worked laboriously for months with a fly trainer before ruling that out. Then he thought about using cats. The cats had other ideas and putting them on telephone poles proved to be a near impossibility. Their inability to fly was also a problem, so he turned his mind to bats. It worked well at first until day time came and the bats decided it was time to go to sleep. He went for a long walk which ended with a bird staining his best vest with bird poop. The rest is history.

Originally published on the 100 Word Stories podcast.

A New Beginning

I’m finally writing new music after a long hiatus. I’ve been using the long bus rides to work, working on my new iPad and using GarageBand. I’m moving away from the Experimental Electronic music of my past and into the Alternative Rock arena with the intention of finally forming an actual band. This is where you can follow the progress of this new project. There will be some rare demos available and I’m also going to keep you posted about my search for new band members. Welcome to Army of the Faceless website.

Night GuyDownload: Eye of the Beholder – A 100 word story by Guy David

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so scientists started dissecting eyes, searching for the exact spot where beauty resides. First they dissected eyes of mice, but it got them nowhere, so they dissected the eyes of convicted criminals, dead ones at first, but then someone reasoned that having real time input from subjects would result in important data. Didn’t work. Another suggested that criminals didn’t really have a sense of beauty, so they moved on to the eyes of artists, poets and musicians. When they finished, they looked around them to find a world without beauty.

Originally published on the 100 Word Stories podcast.

Night GuyDownload: Tropical Fish – A 100 word story by Guy David

It jumped out of the water and started walking on the sand. I stealthily followed between the shadows, curious. It walked into the badly misspelled gift shop, named “Everyone’s Persent”. Others of it’s kind where already there. Others followed. All in all, there where 27 of them. They didn’t talk in any common language. Instead, they used a sound that was half way between a gurgle and the rumbling of a mad man. Seeing them up close, I recognized them immediately and I knew I had to warn the mayor. There was no doubt about it. The Murlocs have arrived.

Originally published on the 100 Word Stories podcast.

Night GuyDownload: Clown – A 100 word story by Guy David
The army of clowns slipped and fell. Child laughter could be heard from houses with barricaded windows. Apparently, someone buttered up the road. From near by houses, dogs started barking. Doors opened and the dogs started coming out, seeking out the clowns. Bites and screams followed. “You should have stayed in the circus” shouted someone, “You make a lousy army”. Some people started opening their windows and throwing flaming rocks at them. The clowns started running away in the opposite direction, trying to avoid bursting into flames and running out of town, and so the army of clowns was defeated.

Originally published on the 100 Word Stories podcast.

Night GuyDownload: 7 Years – A 100 word story by Guy David
It was a long but fruitful walk. Every word was a mile, and there where always 100 of them, but he pushed on, walking, stubbornly advancing word by word. He just had to. Everything depended on it. Laurence fought off the evils of procrastination, the monsters of the writer block, managing to release a new story every day for 7 years, accompanied by the ever loyal midget, the man from planet Z and an ever increasing army of cats, the Mariner robot pressed on to conquer the world, 100 words at a time, and thus the next 7 years began.

Originally published on the 100 Word Stories podcast.

Night GuyDownload: Ten Thumb Joe – A 100 word story by Guy David
Ten Thumb Joe set in the bar, drinking his usual poison when Strike Team Alpha walked in. “You’ve been blowing smoke long enough” they said, “it’s time we blow your cover”. Back in the hotel, the moon shaped alert went off and his two lazy bodyguards sprang into action. Hugs and kisses followed. Sensing that he won’t get any help from them, Joe muttered “you are a bunch of sick bastards”. The team just smiled and said “you have been a fool if you thought you could get away with it”. What they did to him afterwards rhymes with itch.

Originally published on the 100 Word Stories podcast.